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Aspen Rae Top 3 Workouts And Nutritiоn/Diеt

Aspen Rae Top 3 Workouts And Nutritiоn/Diеt


Aspen Rae Top 3 Workouts And Nutritiоn/Diеt

Aspen Rae Top 3 Workouts

Assisted pull-ups

Aspen uses assisted pull-ups to start her back training. She performs the exercise with a wide grip and slow movements for more attention to her lats.


Aspen Rae prefers lunges, especially for her glutes. Lunges are great for any muscles; you just need to alter the positioning. Aspen increases and decreases the step to target her quads and hamstrings respectively.

Cable upright rows

Aspen Rae uses cable upright rows to engage her muscles and keep them under tension. The period under tension during movement enhances muscle hypertrophy.

Aspen Rae Top 3 Workouts And Nutritiоn/Diеt


Aspen Rae has stringent rules when dieting for competitions. She weighs each fat, protein and carbohydrate intake to the smallest gram. Aspen eats six meals each day, after every 2-3 hours, to maintain her muscles. This also gives her the much-needed energy, while keeping her metabolism active. Aspen Rae’s macros consist of egg whites and lean meats for protein, brown rice and sweet potatoes for carbohydrates and Avocado plus almond butter for healthy fats.

Offseason nutrition

Aspen Rae is more flexible in her nutrition during the offseason. She still weighs her diet in the offseason and has six meals per day. However, Aspen occasionally partakes of a cheat meal. She also has after workout protein supplements during the offseason.

What we can learn from Alyssa Loughran

Aspen Rae decided to pursue her goals, in spite of how they seemed to her close friends and family. Aspen’s road towards becoming a global fitness icon has been bumpy. Aspen Rae has taught us to stay out of our comfort zones.

Aspen Rae doesn’t believe in body modifications besides hitting the gym and getting toned. She thus teaches to be true to ourselves. Plastic surgery is not an option for her. She likes extreme sports. This girl can’t seem to get enough adrenaline rushes!

Following your passions might just bring you a level of success Aspen Rae has reached.

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